What People Are Saying:


“A quick and easy read containing stories, ideas, facts and gift suggestions for all occasions and illustrated with charming water colors.” —JB

“This is a timeless book that guides you through every single occasion life presents! From gifting a new baby, a new bride or your boss…every occasion is covered. Fantastic hardcover book you will use over and over. Southern hospitality and charm!”

“An enjoyable guide to thoughtful giving that, page by page, reveals the importance of gratitude and generosity to living a full life.”  —JC

“If you want to know anything there is to know about giving you have to have this book!”

“A comfort zone in the gift giving world, Giving and Gifts gives you confidence and allows you to visualize and create your own style of giving. ”—PC

“A gift to give, a treasure to keep. ”—JD

Thank You!

“The book is also a gift in itself with the beautiful illustrations mingled around the wonderful thoughts and ideas.”—Martha

“My wife’s copy of Giving and Gifts looks like it is about to fly away with all the yellow sticky notes on top, side and bottom. —John

Giving and Gifts is the kindest gift for the generations to be passed on to mothers, daughters, granddaughters, sisters, nieces, cousins and best friends.”—Anna